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Products >> 40~120pcs Wet Wipes Machine>> DH-12N full-automatic high-speed wet wipe tissue machine
DH-12N full-automatic high-speed wet wipe tissue machine

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DH-12N full-automatic high-speed wet wipe tissue machine
This machine is suitable for producing the baby wet wipe tissue
Working procedure:raw material ,slitting ,folding ,wetting ,cutting ,automatic pile and counting , transport tissue to packing machine- print the date, punching ,label ,packing ,edges sealing and cuting, finished product output, all these working processes are finished automaticlly, without any manual is high speed and sanitary during the production
Main technical Parameters:
Suitable material
Spunlace non-woven, hot rolling non-woven fabrics, Air-laid paper
GSM of raw material
Folding way
Z,  W,  C  type (non pop up)
Capacity speed
2000-4000( pcs/ min)(25-60 bags)
Packing Size
10-120 sheets/bag , max height 80mm
Raw material Size
max dia 1200mm, width 600-1450mm, core dia:76.2mm
Size of product (folded)
(100-250) X (90-110) (MM) (L x W) (modifiable)
Size of product (unfolded)
(100-250)X (150-230) (MM) (L x W)( modifiable)
Stack way
Auto–counting,quantity changeable pile system.
Film solder device
double holder, automatic tension controller, working synchronized
Cutting System
double parent roll cut into 12 channels
Hole system
synchronization rotary cutter
Label system
synchronization sticker
Wetting agitating system
double agitate tanks
Electrical source
AC380V  50/60Hz
Size of machine
10000 x 2250 x 2250 (MM) (L x W x H)
Machine Weight
80000 KG
Making option
1.Full servo motor
Some configurations of machine can be modified, According to customers’ demand.

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