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Products >> DH-10full-auto High-speed Wet Tissue Machine
DH-10full-auto High-speed Wet Tissue Machine

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DH-10 full-automatic high-speed wet wipe tissue machine
This machine is suitable for producing the baby wet wipe tissue
(pop up or non pop up)
Working procedure: raw material,slitting,folding,wetting,cutting-automatic pile and counting, product output.all these processes are completed on the machine.
Main technical Parameters:
Suitable material:  Spunlace non-woven, hot rolling non-woven fabrics, Air-laid paper
GSM of raw material: 40-80g/m2
Capacity speed:2000-4000( pcs/ min)(25-60 bags)
Packing Size : 10-120 sheets/bag , max height 80mm
Raw material Size:  max dia 1200mm, width 600-1450mm, core dia:76.2mm
Size of product (folded): (100-250) X (90-110) (MM) (L x W) (modifiable)
Size of product (unfolded): (100-250)X (150-230) (MM) (L x W)( modifiable)
Stack way: Auto-counting,quantity changeable pile system.
Film solder device: double holder, automatic tension controller, working synchronized
Cutting System: double parent roll cut into 12 channels
Hole system: synchronization rotary cutter
Label system: synchronization sticker
Wetting agitating system:double agitate tanks
Electrical source: AC380V  50/60Hz
Power: 15KW
Machine size: 20000 x 2000 x 2000 (MM) (L x W x H)
Machine Weight: 12000 KG
Making option:
1.Full servo motor

Some configurations of machine can be modified, According to customers’demand

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