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DH-MNJ-A Mini Type Tissue Machine

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DH-MNJ-A Mini Type Tissue Machine is the processing equipment for the production of standard or pocket-sized handkerchief.The machine adopts vacuum absorption fodling,frequency speed controlling and clear embossing.It is easy for operation and makes neat  folding results.
1:Embossing is equipped with a steel roller against a wool roller(embossing roller of other materials can be exchanged as requested by customers)
2:1-4 color printing(soft plate printing) can be equipped as per customers' choice.
3:Machines with different specifications can be made as ordered.
Main technical parameters:
Name: DH-MNJ-A Mini Type Tissue Machine
Type:: DH-MNJ-A
Product specifications: (68-115) x (50-53) (mm) (L x W)
Raw paper specifications: :Max diameter Ф1200mm
Capacity speed:500-800 Piece/min
Machine size: 3100 x 1000 x 1300 mm(L x W x H)
Machine weight: 1000KG

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