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DH-CJJ-230-460 Type Printing/Embossing Napkin Machine

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DH-CJJ-230-460 Type Printing/Embossing Napkin Machine is used to automatically fold and slit the jumbo roll into the square or rectangular embossing tissue,through the feeding system,printing system,embossing system,folding and molding system.The machine system features its automatic counting and frequency speed controlling.
This machine is two colours printing, also can be collocated with multicolour printing according to customers’ demand, part of tax stamp can be changed optionally. It especially fit to print labels, marks and so on.
Main technical parameters:
Name: DH-CJJ-230-460 Type Printing/Embossing Napkin Machine
Type: DH-CJJ-230-460
Product specifications: 230×230-460×460mm (mm)(L x W)  (can be customized)
Folding Size: 115x115,115x70-230x230,230x100(mm)(L x W)
Raw paper specifications: :Max diameter Ф1200mm
Capacity speed:500-800 Piece/min
Machine size: 4100x1300x1700mm(L x W x H)
Machine weight:1200KG 

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