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Function and feature:
1>     this machine adopts advanced PLC technology,frequency speed controlling,and touch button multimenu type LCD screen operation control panel.
2>     Automatic paper loading,pneumatic paper loading to lighten manpower’s labour intensity,and pneumatically wide belt paper unwinding driving,individual papers’ tension control device for each jumbo roll.
3>     Double-side embossing,make paper softer,accordant finished product effect,lessen finished product weight.
4>     Finish full automatic border-repair,make glue and seal with only one step,it is convenient to use by leaving finished paper with tail.
5>     Full automatic paper core replaced,finished rewinding products automatic extrusion,coreless device (products without paper core)
6>     Operation becomes easier by rolling finished paper in pulling-up way,and pulling raw paper by controlling the front and back switch.
7>     It can be equipped with 1-4colors printing device according to user’s demand.

1092 1575 2500 2800
Parent roll width
1350 1800 2500 2800mm
Parent roll
Dia. 1200mm (can be customized)
Parent roll core
3’(dia. 76mm) (can be customized)
Loading stand
Two (can be customized)
Product size
Dia. 60-200mm (adjustable)
Perforating pitch
90-165mm (adjustable)
Products core
Dia. 35-55mm (adjustable)
Controlling system
PLC controlling, frequency speed controlling and LCD touch screen display,electric-eye inspecting
Tension controlling system
Cone pulley manualn adjusting
Trimming/tail-gluing device
Intermission stop.inside automatic trimming and tail-gluing
Capacity speed
120-200m/min(speed different according to different parent roll)
Electronic supply
AC380V 50/60Hz
Air pressure
0.6Mpa(prepared by the purchaser)
Machine size
Machine weight

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