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Full Servo Big Waistband Baby Diaper Machine

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One.  Main Parameter:
Performances 性能
1.       Volume (million pieces/ year) 产量
40-140 million pieces
2.       Designed Speed 设计转速
3.       Stable Speed 稳定转速
600pcs /min (I shape)   
400-500pcs/min (Big waist band diaper)
4.  Passing rate 合格率
≥ 98% (Not include the glue applicator, Auto Splicing)
 Technical Parameter: 技术参数
1.       Power Supply 电源
3 phase, 5 wires  (380v, 50HZ)  3相5线
2.       Power Installed 装机功率
280KW include Glue filter  280 KW包括胶滤器
3.       Power Used 用电量
4.       Electric wire 电线
5.       Compressed Air Supply 压缩空气供应
6.       Compressed Air Absorption 压缩空气吸附
4000 Nl/min
7.       Machine Size 机器尺寸
28.0m× 7.0m× 3.5m(L× W× H )
8.       Working Size 台面尺寸
39m× 9.0 ´5.0m  (L× W× H )
9.       Machine Weight 机器重量
about 50 Tons (whole production line) 整机约50吨
10.   Machine Color: 机器颜色
White( confirm with customer) 白色 (客户指定)
11.   Machine Direction: 机器方向
From Left to Right (can be designed as customer’s demand)
从左到右, 客户指定
12.   Containers: 集装箱
5´ 40 HQ containers  5´ 40高柜
13.   Finish Product Size: 成品规格
(Based on Customer’s requirement)据客户要求
  Max ******
 Min 最小
尿裤结构: 双层防侧漏无纺布+面层无纺布(里外各一条橡筋)+表层复合无纺布+防侧布+传导层短切(可做全长)+【上卫生纸+芯体+棉芯+SAP+下层卫生纸】+在线复合底膜(底膜定位)+前腰贴(卡通在线色标定位)+S切(在线复合)+在线成形弹性腰围(虚线切285mm)+立体护围橡筋(外翻4+4)+腿部护围橡筋(3+3)。
Diaper Structure:Double layer anti-side leakage non-woven fabric + non-woven fabric layer (inside and outside a rubber band) + surface composite non-woven fabric + anti-side cloth + conductive layer chopped (do full length) + 【toilet paper + + Cotton core + SAP + lower toilet paper + online composite base film (base film positioning) + front waist stickers (cartoon online color positioning) + S cut (online composite) + online forming elastic waist (dotted line cut 285mm) + stereo Elastic (valgus 4 + 4) + Legs Elastic (3 + 3)
Environmental Data 环境数据
1.       Temperature 温度
10 - 35°C
2.       Humidity 湿度
55% RH ±5
3.       Noise Level 噪音值 (Measured at a distance of 1 meter)  在1米距离测量
≤ 87 dB

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