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Products >> Slitting Rewinder Series>> DH-FG-2 Type High-speed, fully automatic sub-machine
DH-FG-2 Type High-speed, fully automatic sub-machine

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Product description:  The machine is widely used kinds of computer paper, from the more paper, PA,plated aluminum sheeting ,industrial paper, the range of sub-cutting, Minimum width of 0.5 centimeters cutting, while 10 volumes is finished.
Configuration following
1.Using gas accounts axle or scroll
2: Conditioning systems, and regulating the tension on volumes required
3: Putting volumes of EPC corrective devices
4: Used Hydraulic 
5: The next round of sub-knife approach
6: Use surface-volume
7: Tension control
8: Used pressure
9: Rapid introduction of automatic pressure devices
10: Calculated by using the length of metres

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